beginner settings tips for a700

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Re: beginner settings tips for a700

Thanks for the excellent tips here Walt! I hope I have something to show after my vacation.

WaltKnapp wrote:

You are into a religious subject here. But cRAW is just fine if you
want raw. See my notes below of the error of shooting craw/raw +
jpeg with this camera.

I'll stay away from religion here (its like the beercan quality discussion over the years). For this vacation I'll stick to cRAW + jpeg (the latter as reference), until I master doing jpeg properly (not something to try out on a good trip)

Set long exposure NR on, this makes a black frame subtraction on long

Sounds sensible for a starter in any case and I doubt I will do a Harry Potter on long exposures, only do them for quick and fun shots, never made a real effort out of them.

You always need a spare battery. The battery lasts a long time, but
when you are out, you are out. I have chargers both for AC and in
the car.

A car charger is indeed an excellent idea as well, I'll shop for one of those and a battery, thanks for the idea!

Folder name to Date form
I normally use AF spot, but that's not everybodie's choice.

That I quickly got to spot as well too used to point and move to trust a camera to do that better (it seems to sense where the subject is not )

You need to take the time to go through the manual with the camera in
hand trying everything. Jumping straight from film you will have a
bunch to learn. I've been using DSLR for 12 years now and still each
camera is different.

9 hours in an airplane made me an expert on the manual I think First time I ever read a manual front to back.

Shooting jpegs with the camera is like shooting slide film, you have
to know what you are doing and get the settings right. Jpegs from
the camera are excellent if done right. Though you can edit them
extensively in photoshop too. Raw is like shooting negative film,
your photographic technique can be more sloppy than jpegs. Though
the best results are if you still get it all right in the camera.

I'll settle for space to fix now, as you can't really use Velvia either without playing around a lot

BTW, welcome to the DSLR world. You are really brave doing it with
only 2 hours to learn.

Thanks, fortunately there are a lot of people around willing to help someone getting started which is much appreciated! I also have to say Sony did a great job, the camera feels Minolta like and seems to be very intuitive to use.

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