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Re: beginner settings tips for a700

Hugo600si wrote:

My questions, what format is recommended I use? I'm looking through
the forum and ended up with cRAW+jpeg, although I have no space
issues (laptop) so I can also do raw+jpeg if that gives some (real
life) benefit.

You are into a religious subject here. But cRAW is just fine if you want raw. See my notes below of the error of shooting craw/raw + jpeg with this camera.

Personally I shoot jpegs. No way I want to spend the time processing raw. And don't see enough advantage over a well shot jpeg. Raw was once essential, but not really so anymore.

How should I set the NR with V4? I show my images on a TV after
vacation so no real quality issues there and the good ones I work on
so I am tempted to do either low or no NR.

Set long exposure NR on, this makes a black frame subtraction on long exposures.

If you are claiming wizard powers on processing raw then of course you will set high ISO NR off like the rest of the "wizards" and sneer about how good you are. If you are shooting jpegs, then you want to decide what setting to use by actual experience. Note that you are only setting NR for ISOs at 1600 or above.

What is the battery life? I need to use SSS as I didn't bring my
tripod, probably 10% flash for the occasional portraits along the way
(see how much better this camera makes you look ) AKA, do I need a
spare battery

You always need a spare battery. The battery lasts a long time, but when you are out, you are out. I have chargers both for AC and in the car.

Just leave SSS on if you are doing handheld.

Any general tips for starters, links to sites etc you are willing to
share also much appreciated.

Most people like the images they get with sharpness and contrast at +1 or so.

If you shoot your jpegs in combo with raw be aware you are getting a pretty low quality jpeg, one intended to be just good enough for preview. If you want high quality jpegs you have to shoot them on a jpeg only setting. (Yes I consider this a major flaw in the camera, especially as most raw vs jpeg comparisons are done off raw + jpeg shots)

Other settings I have settled on for general shooting for jpeg:
jpeg: X-fine, Image size L (12MP)
Creative style: Standard with sharpness and contrast +1
DRO: DRO+ level 2 or 3
White balance: Auto ( I shoot mostly daylight or flash)
AF/MF button to toggle between MF & AF
Flash: Fill flash & ADI
AF-A setup to DMF (this drops the AF out to MF once the AF locks in AF-S mode
Folder name to Date form
I normally use AF spot, but that's not everybodie's choice.

You need to take the time to go through the manual with the camera in hand trying everything. Jumping straight from film you will have a bunch to learn. I've been using DSLR for 12 years now and still each camera is different.

Shooting jpegs with the camera is like shooting slide film, you have to know what you are doing and get the settings right. Jpegs from the camera are excellent if done right. Though you can edit them extensively in photoshop too. Raw is like shooting negative film, your photographic technique can be more sloppy than jpegs. Though the best results are if you still get it all right in the camera.

BTW, welcome to the DSLR world. You are really brave doing it with only 2 hours to learn.


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