beginner settings tips for a700

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Re: beginner settings tips for a700

Hi Hugo,

The Jury is still out on that one, but cRaw has either none or negible difference with Raw, so I wouldn't worry about that. The safest option for you is therefore cRaw + JPG.

I started that way too, until I noticed that the jpg's look very good and that I usually have a hard time making the raw's look as good as the jpg. So, during my recent trip to Yellowstone I just shot jpg (Fine) and the results are great without taking hours to process the raws. Having said that, I wouldn't do this in your case yet until you figure out how to get the jpg out of the camera the way you want them to look -- craw+jpg provides a great safety net.

(ah, and nowadays I usually shoot standard mode with +1 con, +1 sat, +2 sharpening; and sometimes vivid if I want more punch -- I think vivid would work well for fall colors; usually DRO on advanced auto, and sometimes level 2/3 if I have a high-contrast scene -- I wouldn't have DRO on level 2/3 all the time as it also makes the picture look a bit 'flatter' in my opinion. Finally, I like a warm look, so when I set the white balance, I often use daylight +2, or shadow/cloudy +1 depending on the weather -- and watch the white balance inside as the auto white balance often has it wrong).

Have fun

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