G1 focusing speed

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G1 focusing speed

IR is reporting that Panasonic has announced that the focusing speed of the G1 will be in the 0.3 to 0.4 sec.


The Sony A350 has a liveview focusing speed of 0.19 sec according to IR.

The Canon S3 contrast detection focusing speed is reported to be 0.4 sec (IR) and 0.3 sec (DPR).

It seems to me that the G1 focusing speed is announced as being closer to a good P&S (the S3) than to a good DSLR entry level (the A350).

Furthermore, the G1's 0.3 to 0.4 sec focusing speed is a manufacturer estimate. Is it under the best possible conditions with the fastest lens?

My experience with the A350 is that the focusing speed is still very fast with a telephoto lens and it works well in relatively low light. On the other hand, the contrast detect S3 became extremely slow with telephoto and it needed good light to function at all at any focusing speed. Furthermore, the S3 could not focus on a moving subject.

Having lived with both the S3 and the A350, I would never go back to the speed of the S3. Will the G1 be closer to the S3 than to the A350?

Both DPR and IR have reported that they were pleased with the G1 focusing speed. Is this consistent with the Panasonic 0.3 to 0.4 sec estimate? Did they test it with telephoto and at low light?

The Micro 4/3 design is very attractive. As the cameras get lighter and offer HD video, I will be very tempted to replace my A350. However, good focusing speed will be an absolute requirement.


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