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Canon AF is being redesigned

Thecomplainer seems to be out of touch with the reality of Canon's SLR focus systems.

1. There is no need to re-develop it.

Yes there is, and it is generally known that the current Canon AF systems have reached their limits and that Canon have embarked some time ago on completely new designs. The current systems work ok for "non-demanding" work, but for small targets or moving targets with small DOF lenses (long teles and large aperture) things are much more difficult. Increasing pixels and improving glass make errors more visible. There is a pursuasive summary of Canon's general SLR plans including the re-development of auto-focus on this rumour site. and look under August 22.

"The 1D3 AF saga has deeply embarassed Canon, who are in the midst of a complete AF redesign from the 1 series down - this design team has been given considerable authority and resources. AF based on the new designs was specifically left out until next year's models (early 2009)"

Other information in this particular source has proven to be correct in what has happened since August 22 and other knowledgeable sources support the general thrust that Canon will be incorporating totally new AF systems in cameras from 2009.

2. There is not enough time available to afford an complete engineering design-and-production cycle.

No-one said there is, the redesign has of course been underway for some time.

...1D Mark III (and 1Ds Mark III) carry Canon's fastest and most capable AF electronics produce to date (superior to any past 1D implementations).

Which by observation is not good enough. It is well accepted that there are problems with the last 1D and reasonably well accepted that there are fundamental limitations to the performance of Canon's AF in all current models.

Most people will never come up against these limitations, but if you shoot using long lenses or large apertures in demanding situations you surely will.

(demanding situations = small DOF lenses plus moving targets, changing targets, complex targets, strong backlighting, small targets or competing clutter).

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