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Re: empty space on the banner.. I can't believe it

couldn't agree more... money is tight right now and I had to sell off most of my photo stuff but guess which two lenses I kept (the only 2 ive got at the moment!).... ZF 100mm F2 makro-planar and 35-70mm f3.4 Vario-Sonnar... just can't compare them to the L glass I've had (24-70, 17-40, 70-200{2.8&4}. etc...) I'd be real happy to see them put our some nice zooms in addition to the primes (17-35 or wider?)... don't care if they are MF but the auto aperture on EOS would be great... I'd also love to see the 15mm distagon of EOS...and not for the 3k+ price that a CY version costs these days (before you get the custom adapter that it requires).

Edward Karaa wrote:

There is something Canon lenses can never give you: Zeiss
micro-contrast and colors. Forget about AF. If you have ever used a
Zeiss lens, you can never go back.

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