DEBATE: CIS, to raise ink bottles or not.

Started Sep 10, 2008 | Discussions thread
Doug Lenos Contributing Member • Posts: 640
bottle height

I emailed a couple times today with Leo at IJF about this same issue.. he believes that the r1800 is more sensitive to the bottle height than the r1900 and that he recommends an approx 2-2.5 elevation on the r1800... I have found over the past two years of using both the IJF and IR systems that I have not had to raise them to get satisfactory ink flow. Every once in a while I would have a 'blob' issue - very rare, but would get it even with the cis at table level.

Leo actually noticed the r1800 issue I had posted about here - I killed it .. and sent me an email offering some suggestions. I know it has been said he many times but the service level of Leo at IJF and Amanda at IR is unbelievable. IR actually overnighted me a replacement CIS in case it was the CIS that caused the issue I had. - it wasn't - I killed it by using too much and injecting too quickly the cleaning fluid ... but for Leo to reach out and IR to send me a replacement like that is fantastic.

A CIS is well worth it, can be a little bit of a pain to operate, but overall for the monies saved it is a great savings...


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