Panasonic G1

Started Sep 12, 2008 | Discussions thread
Zald Forum Member • Posts: 77
Re: not a professional camera system

G1 seems to be nearly identical in size to the E420, i was especting something even smaller.

After all, the main benefit of all this m4/3 thing, would be something that is poketable for everyday use, this cam won´t be small enough fot that, at least with a zoom.

So, if i´m going to have to carry an external bag for the camera anyway, i better buy a 450D that is also very light and gives better IQ, and can share the same system (lenses, flash..)

Olympus must make it even smaller, thinner, but i´m afraid it will only be pocketable with a prime. No substitute for lx3/g9 type of cams

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