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Re: Not all new features good

Mori wrote:

3.Cell phones so complicated my wife has to visit the store where she
bought it once a week to get the Blue Tooth Ear piece sound working.

Younger people seem to have less problems with these types of issues
than those one generation older. I keep on catching myself thinking
that 20 years ago I could have beat that new video game in my sleep
and now it takes a lot of work.

I don't have a cell phone, and never plan on one. I make about 3-4 phone calls a month.

4.Pop up toasters, still not working after maybe 60 years.

Don't know what you have, but all of mine have worked fine for that
past 20 years.

Mine work, sort of, but if the guy who designed it worked for me, he would be fired. I can say the same for almost all the appliances in my home, and many of the features in my car. I am a retired mechanical engineer, and have some standards for reliability, functionality and ease of use that may exceed the general populations.

6.My car doors are always locked when I don’t want them to be locked.

Get a better car. I can change this on my cars. If they auto-close
after driving off, or not, etc.

Hmm, I buy my cars based on mechanical reliability, (Toyota) other brands have failed and they only get one chance with me.

7.Key in ignition beeper goes off every time I am trying to get out
of the car fast for a road side bird.

See above. I removed the seatbelt warning (programmable option - no
soldering required ) just for this reason.

Dumb feature in my opinion. I call seat belts "Ralph Naders" because he is the guy who started all this protecting-dumb-people-from-themselves stuff.

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When I was a kid, the first thing I did to a new bike was remove the fenders, mirror, horn, kickstand etc. I wanted a bike at its functional level. I have carried that thinking along with me for the last 55 years in all products.

I want my camera to take the best pictures possible, but I only want pictures, nothing else.

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