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Liveview - It's just a point&shoot gimmick with no place in a true
DSLR. I HAVE to look through a viewfinder to really know what I am

The problem with purists is that they can't see the potential of technology to enhance their photography. All they see are the negatives. I used to think that I'd never use live-view either. But then I noticed that when you photograph small children, the are much less likely to make eye contact with you when you are hiding behind a camera. And there have been a lot of shots that I think would have been so much better if I had that eye contact. Then I noticed that if I held the camera in a manner that did not block my face (or at least did not block my eyes), I got a lot more personal interaction with the small children I was photographing. This is where live view, especially on a tilting LCD screen, can really help you get better shots because it improves your connection to your subject. A perfect example of this is Pocket Wizard's video of Jack Reznicki talking about photographing kids:

Clearly, one of his keys to successful child photography is that he doesn't hide his face behind a camera. And live view on a DSLR also allows you to not have to hide your face behind a camera. You may (sadly) think of live view as a "point and shoot gimmick with no place in a true DSLR", but for the rest of us who can think outside the box and are less rigid in our thinking, we can see the potential of technology like live view to help us be better photographers and get better shots.

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