The history of purists

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Re: The history of purists

With the exception of video, all other "purist's nightmares" you mention are designed to aid in the capture of a still image; to get a better photo or make that capture easier to obtain.

Video is a completely different end; one that I don't care for in an SLR as it has the potential to compromise in-camera photographic features and raise cost for the sake of what amounts to a marketing gimmick.

How many of us would be happy with less pixels in return for lower high ISO noise? I know I would, but as usual the manufacturers continue to push the pixel count as average joe buys on numbers.

Tbh I think a video feature would put me off buying an SLR - I buy a camera to take stills; if I want to take video I'll buy a video camera.


Photovalve wrote:

A response to those who think that video mode in a DSLR is potent of
the end of civilisation. With tongue in cheek

35 mm - you'll never get a decent picture on that (c. 1930)
Bayonet lenses - if you need to work that fast you're not concentrating
Zoom lenses - no fast apertures and you should use your feet anyway!
TTL Metering - can't do incident with that
Auto Modes - for beginners only
Programme Modes - for people who can't be bothered to learn photography
Autofocus - a gimmick and now I need new lenses!
Digital - it will never outresolve film (even I thought that!)
Video in a DSLR - not in a serious camera surely!

All of these things represent progress and after a while become
standard. Personally I hope it does have a video mode, because if I
get one I will definitely use it, as it will allow me to be creative
in a different way.

Also, more features means broader appeal which means mroe sales which
means cheaper cameras. That benefits everyone.

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Some cameras
Some lenses
A flash
Some tripods

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