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re: HSS pulse modulations - more work is clearly needed

John K wrote:

jpr2 wrote: overimposed images of a IIF wings in action. Unfortunately, nothing
like this ever happened. Nor any other motion blur at speeds spanning
1/2000 - 1/8000 sec.

Something odd is at work here, because this shot was taken at 1x,
F16, 1/200, and ISO 100. It's a honey bee that's acting as an air
conditioner for the hive -look at the wings...


you're spot on about my fan tests being inconclusive, and right now I'm
on a lookout for some small microfan, but it needs to be very, say, speedy.

On the other hand, even at 1200 rpm such speeds are nothing in comparison
with insect's beat of 1 kHz or more. So... in fact you have a perfect test
object in a shape of these guardian bee workers. Perhaps you might spare
a moment or two, next time in your hive, to shoot some at HSS for me?
My choice would be to go through a whole HSS sequence: 1/125, 1/250,
1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/8000 with either 24ex or 580ex II.

I'm not too sure what firing execution FW of these flashguns might be
employing in the 1/125-1/500 range? but hopefully some oscilloscope
experiments might shed some light on this soon - lets keep our fingers
crossed :).

and btw. yes at 1/200 wing blur is very well visible, I did a lot of these
(1/100-1/250 sec.) with flash and in Av mode, but then such a setup
is prone to a blur NOT ONLY of a wing, but of everything else as well
But any motion is rather frozen in 1/2000 and above, well below very
short pulses recorded in controlled environment experiments described in
this thread,


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