The history of purists

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What is your point?

I have seen people get excellent and bad results with any of the features mentioned below. Some people will object to change on the basis of questionable necessity (in their mind anyway) of these features.

I think it will be more accurate to say that

- A purist will try to get the best image as they envisage it by using whatever tools are necessary and available.

- On the other hand a person who object to change and advance in technology will do so on the basis of face value i.e in their mind having more features doesn’t necessary make them a better photographer . This opinion is entirely subjective and can be argued over indefinitely. To play devils’ advocate for a minute one can say that some of the best photographer of the past century have used tools that would be considered primitive by today’s standard and were still able to produce a masterpieces unrivaled even with today’s tools (e.g. Ansell Adams comes to mind). In other words the photographer’s skill plays a much larger role in their ability to produce excellent work compared with having a camera with more features.

Photovalve wrote:

A response to those who think that video mode in a DSLR is potent of
the end of civilisation. With tongue in cheek

35 mm - you'll never get a decent picture on that (c. 1930)
Bayonet lenses - if you need to work that fast you're not concentrating
Zoom lenses - no fast apertures and you should use your feet anyway!
TTL Metering - can't do incident with that
Auto Modes - for beginners only
Programme Modes - for people who can't be bothered to learn photography
Autofocus - a gimmick and now I need new lenses!
Digital - it will never outresolve film (even I thought that!)
Video in a DSLR - not in a serious camera surely!

All of these things represent progress and after a while become
standard. Personally I hope it does have a video mode, because if I
get one I will definitely use it, as it will allow me to be creative
in a different way.

Also, more features means broader appeal which means mroe sales which
means cheaper cameras. That benefits everyone.

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