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My phone is an MP3 player and a camera, and a calculator...

And an address book, and a stopwatch, and an email client, and you get the point. That doesnt mean I use those features a whole lot or that I dont still own an MP3 player or a point and shoot camera. Try and stuff too many features into a single device and it just becomes unwieldy. Video cameras demand a whole different set of tools and adjustments than still cameras do. I predict that due to limits in ergonomics and human-computer interaction, the usefulness of video in a still image camera will be very limited. That doesnt mean some companies wont try to produce a 'swiss army knife' device of digital imaging.

I think the naysayers at this point are the people primarily spooked by the idea that their hobby and trade is going to fall by the wayside when high res video gets into high gear. I can understand that fear, but I believe it is largely unfounded for a number of reasons.

Photovalve wrote:

A response to those who think that video mode in a DSLR is potent of
the end of civilisation. With tongue in cheek

35 mm - you'll never get a decent picture on that (c. 1930)
Bayonet lenses - if you need to work that fast you're not concentrating
Zoom lenses - no fast apertures and you should use your feet anyway!
TTL Metering - can't do incident with that
Auto Modes - for beginners only
Programme Modes - for people who can't be bothered to learn photography
Autofocus - a gimmick and now I need new lenses!
Digital - it will never outresolve film (even I thought that!)
Video in a DSLR - not in a serious camera surely!

All of these things represent progress and after a while become
standard. Personally I hope it does have a video mode, because if I
get one I will definitely use it, as it will allow me to be creative
in a different way.

Also, more features means broader appeal which means mroe sales which
means cheaper cameras. That benefits everyone.

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Amateurs worry about sharpness
Professionals worry about sales
Photographers worry about light

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