The Ring Flash Adapter or AlienBee RingFlash ?

Started May 8, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: The Ring Flash Adapter or AlienBee RingFlash ?

Victor Noe Chavez Diaz Gonzalez wrote:

Is it worth this equipment? or better going for an Alienbee Ringflash ?

I know that is still not available but for the price it's close to
purchase an AB.


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The RayFlash is quite good, versatile. You can use it on a hot shoe mounted Flash or off camera on a remote Flash. The inner diameter is such that it fits easily over the unhooded barrel of an 82mm diameter lens. I've checked this on a Bigma, for example. BTW, I posted a picture showing a novel use of the RF to this Forum and also started a thread in Olympus SLR Forum.

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