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Re: For those (idiots) who ONLY got the 1Ds3 for the MP...

Well, Does sony have any thing that comes close to D3? I may happen again that Nikon makes another "D3" with 25MP? that would kill Canon for good!!!

Guy Lerner wrote:

Based on the samples (and assuming Nikon will use a Sony high MP
sensor for its next camera), it's unlikely they'll topple the 1DsIII
just yet. More likely the new 5D will kill off 1DsIII sales in the
'enthusiast' and even some of the pro market. If it has a 21MP sensor
(as expected) with new microlens technology, it will better 1DsIII IQ
by a couple of stops at the same resolution. Sure it won't have the
AF or sealing (at least that's unlikely), but who needs that in a

I predict the new 5D will be the new high-res IQ king, until the new
1Ds is released next year with 38MP, same IQ and all the pro features
to recapture the high-end throne.

Chances are anyone who could afford a $8K 1DsIII has bought one
already, so I don't see the new 5D as cannibalising any serious sales
(besides, Canon will make so much $$ with the new camera they won't
really care).

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