Upgrade or Jump Ship?

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Re: I smell a troll.

You seem to be overly sensitive about Nikon's shortcomings (no company is perfect). Could some fanboyism be showing on your part? Wouldn't that be ironic as that's what you're accusing us of here on the Canon forum.

I'm not taking a "shot" at Nikon, only refering to the problems they've had in the past delivering new products after introduction. That's simply fact based on Nikon's delivery history.


NYC Photos wrote:
No Bob, it was not. The issue was people like yourself who make
assumptions without the facts. The entire thread will bear me out.

I will genuinely leave now and you can wallow in your

(and you couldn't help yourself from taking a shot at Nikon.)

rwbaron wrote:

NYC Photos wrote:

But I do own one. Bought it last Saturday at Ritz Manhattan. So yes,
I know it as a fact.

Once again, assumptions and pre-judgments.

rwbaron wrote:

You've never held it either but you know this as fact?

Good for you and it's also good to see Nikon has resolved their slow
shipping issues with newly released cameras. Now we know why you
were so defensive but whether or not you actually had the camera was
not the real issue was it?

My PBASE page is new and growing so please be patient.

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My PBASE page is new and growing so please be patient.

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