evolution - new eos pixel free photography

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evolution - new eos pixel free photography

Anyone who works with digital images must be aware of the pixel problem in photography. So far the only solution to this problem has been to raise the pixel count in cameras.

At Cal Tech they were developing photosensitive liquid crystal cells for practical application in photography, mostly for imaging in telescopes and instruments in need of greater detail.

The idea was to apply the information from the liquid crystals that was formed on top of the processor unit, and convert them to something similar to vector based outlines in the processor, thus eliminating the pixel completely.

What they came up with, was a way to create 50 gigaegapixel + images (the 50 gigapixel was only used because of the lens imperfections that kept from getting more into the image) that were absolutely pixel free, thus eliminating the noise and such. Now the catch was that they couldn't influence the ISO values of the crystals in the camera, so they came up with a way of replacing the layer for different situations. Canon has came up with a way of mechanically replacing these emulsions in the camera, making the ISO or ASA values not an electrical process, but chemical, similar to classic photography.
As in fashion, history repeats itself...
So, what you can expect:
Very high ISO values
Very high image resolution
New (more expensive) lesnses

New software for photo editing (at canon they are working on this, and it will be shipped with the new camera)
In short "destined evolution"

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