Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 or 35mm f/2 ?

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Re: I went against the grain...

Cool. 28mm on DX is the true "normal" 42mm view, where 35 is a bit wide and 50 is a bit long. Some people really love that, I've never had the chance to try it myself. Let us know how it performs wide open (with pics if possible), thanks!

andkon wrote:

I was at the local shop today and asked if they had the 28mm and 35mm
in stock. They only had the 28mm in, so after I tried it on their D80
I immediately liked the view. I fired off a few shots, in particular
high contrast scenes and no hint of the CA issues certain sites
reported. It's a very sharp lens. For $250 Cdn, I don't think you can
go wrong. Once I get some worthy shots I'll post them.

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D80 w/50mm f/1.8

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