Why do the D700 need another battery to get 8fps?

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OK, but does that address my original points?

lesdit wrote:

Placed camera on table and took pictures of LCD stopwatch. 1/250
Shooting raw.
Used index finger to rattle/vibrate/actuate the shutter button.
Original battery, about 85% charge remaining.

Managed to get 7 frames in with the same seconds digit. Counting the
hundredths digits, it was 7 frames in 0.95 seconds.

Relevance of data: Shows camera can run at faster than 5fps without
bracketing mode and no grip supplementary battery.

Easy to verify: Just set to short exposure, S mode. Tickle shutter
button with finger. You can easily hear that the fps is much faster
than Ch mode shooting.

OK, you win, you have a fast finger...

But does that address my original three points?

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begin quote ---

No metering, which means you can't follow motion through changing lighting conditions like at a sporting event or race.

No focus tracking, which again makes doing anything with moving subjects difficult.

Very little time between mirror blackouts to maintain composition of moving subjects.

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You say you have some metering. That's the quickest thing that happens during the shooting cycle. Do you have focus tracking and enough mirror down time to keep your eye on the subject?

Humans are good at comparing basic tempos, or beat of a sound alone.
Especially if the two sample beats are only a few seconds apart.

Should also check: See if exposure is being calculated separately for
each exposure. My quick hand held burst from yesterday changing the
exposure for the burst as I panned away from a light, but not sure if
every frame had a unique exposure.

Note: The morse code keyers have a more difficult task, they have to
make two distinct pulse lengths, a much harder task that just a
simple on-off-on-off... pulse train without regard to pulse width

Good point.

I'll have to measure my trill speed on a flute, too. Or maybe not mine, maybe the speed of a decent flutist...

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