D90 for Low Light

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Re: D90 for Low Light

If shooting RAW you may not be adjusting color temp in post processing. If shooting JPG, you might not have color temp set correctly, or cam is just missing it by a bit. Try those shots (since you seem to be TESTING) with some sort of known reference in the scene. Gray card, WhiBal, something known. Then you can correctly view the images later.

=Alan R.

KateInHawaii wrote:

There is "something" about image interpretation with this camera that
makes me feel, uh, uneasy. Because the superlatives attributed to the
D90 are all raving, it's difficult to raise a question/concern.

These are computers in camera enclosures, with lenses on the front,
and this particular model, to me, interprets images with grey
overtones. Kinda' hard to describe, but I went with a friend on a
nite shoot to compare his new D90 to my D80, and though the results
on superior capturing of light is obvious and the benefits thereof, I
came away with an "edgy" feeling of, "Is this what is really in front
of me?"


Possibly, folks who know how cameras interpret can shed some light
(pun:) on how this model sees what its pointed at.

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