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Great job! :-)

Hi Deborah!

I love both of these! I think your PP is really fun and adds a lot of interest. I need to learn how you did this.

The first picture of the gate. I think this photo is well balanced – something we often talk about in this forum. A photo has to be well balanced. I find the gate itself very interesting – the tilt, the chain, the peeling paint, all of it. Yet when my eye wanders, I also find the fence in the background very interesting. Actually, my eyes have so much to look at in what at first glance might be considered a “simple” photo – but is anything but. I am drawn to this photo and can look at it for a long time. Well done.

Second photo. This too is well done and well balanced. It tells a story. The beginning of the story is of course the fence which has so much charm. The middle of the story is the tractor and what we think it is doing. Does the driver own the land? Is he turning over a crop? What lives to the right of the fence? All of these questions and more spring to mind. The end of the story are the hills in the background. What a lovely place to live and work.

I can see why the previous poster didn’t love the sky – it’s a bit mottled. Is this a result of your PP’ing? I really like how you have PP’d these, but I wonder if you could play with the skies a bit more???

Really a great job Deborah. Thanks for posting.


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