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Re: Impossible (nt)

Humphrey Nash wrote:

Jim, you're quite correct: the first pictures does have more visible
noise. It is also less sharp.

Bill, you quite correct: it is impossible, without cheating, to guess
the cameras used or their specs. This little guessing game was
somewhat rhetorical.

The first image is from the discontinued 6 megapixel Fuiji 6500fd.
The second image is from the new 12 megapixel Canon 450D.
Surprisingly, both are ISO 1600.

The two images are close in quality, at least for a 16X20 size. A
normal full screen
view or an 8X10 print would be even closer in IQ. For larger
displays or print sizes the Canon image is cleaner and more detailed
than the Fuji image. But for most normal applications the Fuji P&S
competes well with the latest Canon technology.

The Canon does a better job at ISO 1600 but this ISO is not normally
used so, in practice, images are even closer in appearance.

Six megapixels is sufficient for most applications. For very large
images or for cropped images the Canon is superior. I have a 10
megapixel Canon XTI which can be 50% cropped with no apparent image
degradation for normal print or display sizes. This is important to
me since I take a lot of macros of tiny objects which need to be
magnified by cropping. But for most other applications my Fuji
6500fd is sufficient.

The latest DSLR with great high ISO performance, a huge number of
megapixels, coupled with an aray of Canon L glass, carefully post
processed, will produce a superior image. But. in practice,
marginally so.

They both look rather plastic and flat. The second is better.

If you are truly interested in IQ then we need to look at the rendering of subtle differences in shading and color. in addition to MP count. At that point, neither of your test subjects do that well.

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