Macro the 1/f rule and flash duration

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Re: This guy is amazing :)

JimH wrote:

Here is one of the threads. This is amazing work. Read through that
thread and you'll see his LED devices mentioned throughout, and
particularly near the end of the thread:

Frans is a retired engineer who designs all of his own high speed triggering gear -truly a brilliant guy! Keep in mind when you see his work that he often shoots with as many as 4 flash heads -and he does it so he can set them all as low as possible, freeze motion, and still get a good exposure.

Even with two flash heads and a custom shutter than Frans designed he still can't always freeze the wings of an insect in flight...

Photo of his laser triggered rig:

Link to one of his insects in flight gallery:

I am in NO WAY bashing Frans -he and I are friends of sorts. But his work proves that you do need those insanely short flash durations to freeze motion -if not then he would never need more than one flash head...

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