Warning for those who buy D60s on Ebay or from private parties

Started Jun 26, 2002 | Discussions thread
Theodore Contributing Member • Posts: 960
You are probably right.

Zero wrote:
What you are suggesting is fraud.

Theodore wrote:

...The seller includes the original bill of sale (most legit ones
do), then you tell the service centre it was a gift.

I imagine you are right, but actually I've never gotten to the point where I had to say an item was a gift. If I show Canon the original receipt of sale and it's within a year, they have always just serviced the item, no questions asked.

Much like them fixing grey goods, Canon seems to care more about the customer of its product, within, looser guidlines then stated in their "official company handbook."

I really should no better than to suggest a illegal practice. My apologies.

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Where are we going?!!?....and what am I doing in this handbasket??!!

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