Is this what we are looking for?

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bronxbombers Forum Pro • Posts: 18,226
Re: Is this what we are looking for?

it is a FF.
believe me.
i actually posted it originally and saw all the other angles.

it's a FF but not a 1 series, it really, really looks like a 5D although perhaps it could be the new one since a few contours on the left grip and where the lens release buton are look a little different, but it is more likely tricks of lighting combine dwith mpeg articfacts.

robind75 wrote:
It Does look like a 50D. Anyway, this cam has a small viewfinder, so
it is not a FF.

bronxbombers wrote:

Guy Lerner wrote:

Looks like a 40D or 50D - flattened top (housing a popup flash).
Doubt it's the new 5D/7D.

it's not an xxxD or xxD or 1 series, absolutely not a 40D/50D.

it's very likely just a 5D being used at the olympics for closeups of
the gymnasts.

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