Oh yuk! What happened to this d300 NEF in Aperture?

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spyder 2 Express and MBP

I just recently bought a new 15" MBP and tried to calibrate with my Spyder 2 Express only to get horrible results, yet it worked great on my older 20" iMac...

For now I downloaded SuperCal and did a software calibration until I can upgrade the Spyder 2 Express.

MMuddler wrote:

Looks okay when I look on my PC monitor. But ... ah ha! ....when I
review it on the MBP the orange appears on the highlites of the
girl's cheek and forearm.

Must be the color display profile on the MBP. And that takes me back
to my frustration with the calibration process of the MBP when I try
to use my Spyder. Time to try again I think. Really don't like the
color matching adjusting process at all.

Thanks for the "no see your problem" feedback..

[ and yes, I did forget the color balancing filter for the SB800...
left the case w filter on my desk when I went to the party last
Marabou Muddler

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