File size and greener internetting

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Re: File size and greener internetting

Depends I guess on the kind of hardware you are talking about.
Networks and servers are mostly oversized in the sense that one
calculates the highest bandwith or cpu load when designing the
network/server. Lowering the network traffic a lot means the
network/server needs not as much upgrades/additions as it needs now.

It's not true, actually- in fact, upgrades happen whether the traffic is as projected, or not. And that's because there's a reason for such projections to be made- there's a number of exceptions, but that's the sites that fell victims of their own success.

As of why do you think most of the sites actually do have upload/bandwidth limitations? Network traffic limitations? Disk Space limitations? Nope: it's money, just that. They wanna earn with what they have. So your point would be valid for someone's own little gallery on a rented server/vhost (or basement based machine serving files on a DSL, or even DS1).

You are right about how remarkable the difference between 100 en 99
is. I think we can even compress more. Can you spot the difference
between my examples?

Actually I do, but that's not the point here. The point is that today's processors have sufficirent power and disk sufficient capacity/price ratio to serve such content. Under one condition: ON DEMAND.

That's why I pointed out the truth in your logic, we might be living in times where broadband internet connections become as common (and cheap) as rolls straight from the bakery, but that doesn't excuse serving files ridiculously big in size (as in resolution).


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