File size and greener internetting

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Re: File size and greener internetting

ItsMeOnly wrote:

As network admin, here's my 2c

As a systems manager here is my 2c

Obviously there's some logic about filesize and download time.
However you must pay in mind that the infrastructure is working 24/7
and network load doesn't necessary reflect on power consumption, in
fact from experience I know that the relevance for servers lays not
in size, but access frequency (because of file buffering).

Depends I guess on the kind of hardware you are talking about. Networks and servers are mostly oversized in the sense that one calculates the highest bandwith or cpu load when designing the network/server. Lowering the network traffic a lot means the network/server needs not as much upgrades/additions as it needs now.

However, there's one valid point you make a JPEG file with quality 99
will be often nearly half the filesize of one with q=100, and you
won't really spot the difference.

You are right about how remarkable the difference between 100 en 99 is. I think we can even compress more. Can you spot the difference between my examples?

Serving such files says good things about you caring for potential
viewer with "weak" bandwith, too.

I think even with good bandwith you gain some speed on your pc.

Thanks for your input.

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