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Re: be ware of constant pressure ciss

CPC (Constant Pressure Control) does not affect printing process, just the head cleaning process. Print heads do not operate like a water faucet where more or less water comes out depending on the pressure released at the valve.

The flow of ink through the print head nozzles is electronically controlled and produce the microscopic droplets based on color data received from the print file regardless of the CIS tank pressure.

CPC, however, does stablize and minimize the rate of waste ink that flows through the head nozzles during purges and cleanings. When print head purges or cleanings are initiated, the print head moves over the waste pad on the right side of the printer. The printer creates a vacuum at the pad that sucks the ink out of the head nozzles. Electronic ink flow control is not involved here, just good old mechanical sucking.

Without CPC, the ink flow rate during purges and cleanings will be greatest when the tank is full of ink and decreases as the ink level drops. Its like a city water tower, the highest pressure is maintained by keeping the tower full at all times. As the water level drops in the tower, so does the water pressure at your home's faucet.

CPC effectively maintains a constant and proper pressure in the ink tank, no matter the ink level, so that the sucking action the printer produces during purges and cleanings does not suck out large quantities of ink that could otherwise have been used for printing all those beautiful photographs.

Keep in mind here that i researched the top 3 to 5 CIS vendors. There are many users on this and other forums that are happy with the vendor of their choice but mostly the top 3 to 5 vendors of quality CIS's.

As a first time user of CIS systems, i wanted to make as sure as possible that my research lead me, in my opinion, the best CIS. CPC was one more reason besides overall design and price that lead me to choose InkjetFly's CIS.

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