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Re: ...my wife said why dont you get it.... I almost fell ?

Pekka, just a guess. You are single, yes?

My guess is that in Europe, the situation is not all that different than here in the US. I believe that American men are less likely to be ashamed of admitting that they run the question past their wives before making a major purchase, but I bet the percent who do is not all that different than in Europe. Except maybe Italy... and probably Spain...

In my home, I am the sole source of income, but I do ask my wife before making major purchases, but she never says "No," probably the reason I keep asking.


Pekka Saarinen wrote:

Todd wrote:

To my absolute
shock my wife said why dont you get it.... I almost fell. Thought
she was actually kidding so we left..I kept asking her are you
serious and she said "we only live once".

Good luck with the lens, Todd!

Sorry, but as I have seen this kind of story so often here (posts
from US where they are worried if wives approve this and that
puchase, and some even buy and keep it a secret!) I simply have
to ask: why would a man need to ask his wife a permission to buy
something for his hobby? I mean, here in north men decide these
things on their own. Can you dictate what your wife buys, then?

And please, this question is not meant to be hostile or offensive
in any way - sincerely I would like to know what's behind this
behaviour as we almost never see it here.


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