Who uses both Leica 14-150 & 50-200 SWD?

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Who uses both Leica 14-150 & 50-200 SWD?

I've been considering the 50-200 SWD as a lens to use when I need greater reach than my 12-60 can provide. In fact, just yesterday I was ready to place the order.

But I read the post from another member who took some great shots using the Leica 14-150:


What a great lens the Leica is. But it's still only 150, and it's slower at f3.5-5.6.
So I figure what the heck, I'll stick with the 50-200...

...until I compared the specs:

Leica 14-150 3.09D x 3.56L (inches), 1lb 2oz

50-200 SWD 3.40D x 6.18L, 2lbs 3oz

Wow, the 50-200 is almost twice the weight of the Leica, and much larger.
The Leica is actually SMALLER that my 12-60 (3.13D x 3.88L, 1lb 4oz) !

So a few questions:

The Leica looks like the perfect walk-about lens. Does anyone use the 50-200 as a walk-about lens? (I've never handled one). Or do you consider it a special use lens?

Would it make sense to plan on buying both lenses?

Can the Oly EC-14 be used with the Leica. If so, it would bring the Leica's range to about 210mm.

If you own the 12-60 then bought the 14-150, do you still use your 12-60, or did you sell it?

I'm trying to get a better idea on how these 2 lenses compare to one another, before I part with my cash. All opinions or comments are welcome!

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