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be ware of constant pressure ciss

My 2 cents:

I see many identical CIS system for sale on eBay, being sold from Australia or China directly. The price is half of inkjetfly or other similar ciss, and they all probably are filled with German or China ink and shipped to the USA. You can get a simple systems that come from Chian at less than half price. I have inquired of the Chinese company if they would sell the CIS empty of ink. The price is 3 to 5 dollars plus shipping. And each time, after about 3 to 10 photos I could see visibly missing lines on prints, then I need to run clean cycle or wait 2 hours before I could make antoher good prints. Besides, ink starving is a known root cause of print head clogging. You may be able to unclog it but it is very likely the print head is alreay damaged. You may need to replace it soon even you can unclog it. No matter how robust a CISS is there is always a potential threat there. Unfortunately most CISS made in China are produced in large volume and lack of quality control. Most of them are not robust enough to be worth taking the risk in using them, espeically when you are dealing with very highend printer like 1400, R1800.

I am not trying to say constant pressure CIS will not work. I am trying to point out that there is always a risk of print head damage if a CIS fails to feed ink properly, which is a constant struggle of many ebay style CIS units discussed from time to time, it's not trouble free at all.

Think about it, the inkjet printer does NOT use ink at a constant rate, in fact, it's quite the opposite, and that also explains why we would get clogged print head and missing lines with constant pressure ciss.

I would say, be aware that the constant pressure system is based on a principle that fundamentally only works when the ink is flowing at a constant rate.

Any system that does eventually work only does so because the tolerance of the system is wide enough that it just happens to work and thus it is a bit of luck of the draw.

Consider this as well. Take a piece of tubing. Calculate the volume of the tuning when it is straight. Now bend the tubing into a curve and calculate the ink in the tubing now. It is different. Now what happens to this difference as the head moves back and forth and the feed lines flex? Well, since fluid is highly incompressible something happens but yet it still works. IMHO, constant pressure ink flow system is more marketing than reality. That's why I always recommend OEM cartridges or non-constant pressure control ink system for good reliable performance, there's more detailed engineering in there than meets the untrained eye.


jml9905 wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I've had my Epson 1400 for a week now and really love it. I've been
using 3rd party ink cartridges and find the end result perfect. No
color difference compared with the original OEM cartridges.

I'm now thinking of installing a CIS system but have a few questions.

1. I'm paying about $33 for a set of 6 3rd party cartridges. These
seem to be good for about 20 borderless 13x19 prints. Am I going to
save if I install a CIS system?

2. Is it really simple to install? Initially I got scared away,
because one site:
show that you need to drill or cut a hole in the cartridge box. I'd
rather not do that.

Most other instructional videos from sites that actually sell these
kits show nothing of the sort though. The only thing of concern to me
is that one needs to pop out the cartridge lid using a screwdriver.
In all these videos it looks darn simple and easy. Is it really?

Whenever I need to open up my computer for example, it's as if by
magic, I'm suddenly wearing boxing gloves, my vision goes from 20/20
to 10/20 and I develop a bad case of Parkinson disease.

I suspect that these videos from site that sell these kits want to
make it look simple. Is it? Any advice? Any thing I should be careful
of with my Epson 1400? Which CIS kit is best if any? Any good

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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