Destined Evolution?

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Destined Evolution?

I know, I know ... another 5d mkII thread. But I felt this topic deserved its own space.

It's quite amazing that nobody has speculated (at least not in any depth) about the reason why Canon has used the tag-lines it has used in this campaign.

If there's one way to hide something, it's to put it in plain view where nobody is looking.

So, what do we all thing that Destined Evolution might mean? Clearly, there's more to this than just another warmed over refresh, and it may or may not be a 5D replacement (let's not forget the woes of the 1DmkIII AF).

My guess is that Canon has changed something fundamental about the upcoming cameras. Something that will surprise and delight. We've already seen what they have done with the micro-lens coverage. We know that they developed a new fab plant earlier this year.

Could it be that they are going to "leap-frog" the competition as some have suggested, and release a camera with the highest MP count on the DSLR market? Some have suggested that a scaled up version of the 50D sensor could be as high as 38MP. That would put the camera into MF territory, an "evolution" of sorts.

Or, perhaps the low-light capability is so good that no flash is required (unlikely, that would be one less accessory they could sell to us).

The other thought that occurs to me is a greatly enhanced firmware upgrade over even the 50D, combined with BUILT IN WiFi. That would be technologically easy to achieve, and still leave the market far behind.

If OTOH, they are just playing "coy" in order to build up demand on what will otherwise be a fairly mediocre upgrade, their customers will leave in droves.

One thing's for certain, we shall all know soon. The horses have started to stir.

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