some fast primes please, mr. Olympus

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Re: Dream on


Why Olympus? Well, It owuld be very nice to have only one system. 4/3 excels in some areas, and falls short in others. For some, they need to have a seperate system - I do, to get the shallow Dof I need at times. Give me a fast 42.5mm f/1.2, and I might be able to ditch my Canon gear all together - if it is sharp in the center, and focuses very well.


Jono Slack wrote:

2. why Olympus
If you really want small depth of field, why on earth would you use
4:3? you should be heading for full frame, or at least the 1:1.3 crop
of the M8 . . . silly silly! (I suggest you buy an M8 and a noctilux).

But I'm sorry, I suspect your motives for this post

all the best
Jono Slack

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