Another GPS Connection Question (with apologies...)

Started Sep 5, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Another GPS Connection Question (with apologies...)

Hey Guys & Gals -

So, I'll start by apologizing about starting another GPS connectivity thread, but I just can't sort this one through yet...

I'm getting ready to buy a new GPS and am looking at the Garmin Colorado 400T, or a lesser model -but- all new GPS's have USB connectivity/ports, not serial.

What cable combination do I need for my D300/200 10-pin? A Nikon cable? A separate Garmin cable? I'm finding it difficult to get exact answers on this-Garmin doesn't seem to know, and I can't find the right part of Nikon to question.

It would be sweet to take the USB and run it into the camera's USB, too bad the circuitry isn't there to support it. Anyone been through this with a USB Garmin GPS?

(I can see on the NikonUSA knowledge base a page from 2006 stating the a GPS using a USB interface is not supported, but I'm hoping this old information has been rendered moot by innovations over the last 2 years...)

Thanks in advance-
Kind regards,
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