Portrait orientation in the digital age

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I don't let it alter my shooting.

I do not let the fact that portrait orientation shots are much harder to display nicely on today's video displays deter me from using whatever orientation seems right for the shot.

I do tend to make prints of shots that I like, so that helps. And I find that I end up with quite a few that are portrait orientation.

But when posting to the web or when preparing shots for display on an HDTV, I am frequently annoyed by the fact that you simply must settle for a smaller, lower-resolution version of portrait mode shots.

Maybe someone needs to build a very large square-format HDTV type display for us photo nuts so we can use it the way we did a standard projection screen back in the good old days when we bored people to tears with our long slide shows.

Or, as has been proposed up higher in this thread, just get a HD projector and mount it so that it's easy to swivel it. A motorized mount that will change orientation at the push of a button would be nice, and not that hard to build.

Maybe some manufacturer will see the need and come up with a projector that has this feature built-in. Who knows, maybe someone already has

But I prefer the look of the direct-view displays that I have seen, and if you get a large enough one, even the portrait-mode shots end up being fairly large. Still, it does bug me

Widescreen - schmidescreen! Give us huge square displays. When we're using them for TV viewing, we can stack two widescreen views atop each other for the ultimate in dual-channel viewing

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