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Creating better Reds ... Adobe's new beta Camera Profiles are amazing

For many many years, I've been a photographer and a gardener. (and many other titles, just ask my wife) I grow many types of the worlds hottest peppers as well multiple varieties of tomatoes. I mention this because of the amazing red color palette these wonderful organic treats. I dry and grind the crop into a tastey and spicey seasoning for sale (See Photo example, JPEG right from the camera) Matching color for my own advertising, as well my clients advertising has always been a task that required special post processing. Even for my own personal landscapes, the red dirt of Kauai, coral colored tree's of Northern Wisconsin, orange-red sunsets of the Caribbean, all troublesome reds don't always convert well in ACR.

Photo Example:

I have found photo's like this to be perfect litmus tests for RAW converters. I've have shot or do shoot with medium and large format digital, as well as 5D, MKII,III 1Ds, XSi, D3, D300, D200, DCS760, etc... and no matter which camera, when processed thru Photoshop ACR or Lightroom, the Reds have no separation of color detail or accuracy. (from the get go) You have to create separation with your post processing. I've found the proprietary programs from Canon and Nikon to be better, but not perfect.

The new beta Camera Profiles from adobe labs are amazing.

Link to Profiles:

Here is a simple side by side example of what you can expect:
Default ACR camera profile:

Adobe Standard Beta 1 (very very close to the actual produce colors)

If any of you would like to have better initial accuracy of red tones in your images when processed thru ACR, I highly recommend downloading these new Camera Profiles. You will find other presets that work quite well.


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