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All of the current top CIS's do not require you to drill or break any part of your epson 1400 printer. Unfortunetly, some of the CIS websites are poorly designed and convey the wrong or misleading information on installing their CIS.

The cartridge lid on the epson 1400 can be removed without breaking it or the hinges. I did removed it in 15 seconds with out any fuss.

Also all of the CIS vendors sell either CIS's or cartridges. I my opinion, CIS is the way to go unless you enjoy pulling out and refilling cartridges as much as you enjoyed pulling out and replacing oem cartridges. There is not need to be scared.

My installation of InkjetFly's CIS was a breeze. I purchased it filled and primed and all i had to do was (following the instructions) install the new filled Inkjetfly cartridges and tube harness, install waste tank and tubing (this requires you to temporarily remove the right printer panel to attach the waste tube), secure it and test to make sure the tubing and print head move properly, set up CPC, run enough head cleanings to insure good nozzle prints and start printing!

That it!

If you like, i'd be happy to send you images of my installation and provide help to a fellow Epson 1400 user.

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