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I searched this forum high and low for posts about the "best CIS's". The following post by Brian lists his opinion about the top three CIS's. For the most part I concur.

however, I researched the top CIS's myself by going their websites and comparing product/CIS price/perceived performance and CIS refill ink price.

Most posts agree that InkRepublic, Efillink, and InkjetFly are the top three CIS vendors, all providing great service, waste ink tanks, product performance, quality inks. spare parts and bulk refill ink. There are posts that put one or two omore CIS vendors in the top ranks like Inksupply.

Since most posts agree that all of the top CIS vendors provide basically equal service, waste ink tanks, product performance, quality inks, spare parts and bulk refill ink - how do i decide which one to get?

For my Epson 1400 dye based ink printer, my decision was based on several factors (given all other things above being equal):


Inkrepublic (100mlx6) CIS: $199.95, refill ink: $11.95/100ml color, no refill ink packs.

Efillink (450mlx6) CIS: $228.00, refill ink: $120.00/8ozx6 pack. no separate refill ink bottles. (limited CIS supply)

InkjetFly (100mlx6) CIS: $99.95, refill ink: $7.95/100ml color, $46.95/100mlx6 pack.


Inkrepublic and efillink appear to have CIS's that require some assembly, uses separate ink bottles for reservoirs enclosed in a plastic tub or tray and requires priming.

inkjetfly's CIS is totally preassembled using 6 113ml clear linked reservoir tanks and can be purchased filled and primed. It also uses CPC (Constant Pressure Control) to reduce the amount of waste ink during purges and cleanings.

All in all i found the InkjetFly CIS to have the better design, lowest price for both the CIS and refill bulk ink. The clear linked reservoir design makes it easy to monitor ink levelsand allows the tanks to be moved and stored as a unit. I also liked the fact that the CPC saves me ink.

If i'm in error on any aspects, feel free to beat me up.

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