Sad day (S20 Pro) CCD Failure / Happy day (S100FS)

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Re: Sad day (S20 Pro) CCD Failure / Happy day (S100FS)

powmon wrote:

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believe me, there is a problem with the s20 pro ccd.
as a photography teacher in the uk we have had over 7 s20pros go down
with ccd failure - all showing a purple and black mess. some are in
pristine condition. fuji are not helping. so far they offer cashback
in which to buy another fuji camera from their store. this is now on
top of the s9500 fiasco in which they refused to admit that some
opticals were soft and it was up to everyone to fight it out back in
fuji really need to get their act together.... 'you can fool some of
the people all of the time....'

That's not been the case with Fuji in the US, almost everyone has been able to get their S602, S20 or S7000 ccd replaced free.
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