Toddler Portrait Feedback

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Re: Toddler Portrait Feedback

dougsmit wrote:

If I were shooting this, I would have used f/8 but you would not like
that photo any better. Stopping down would pull into focus more of
that bright background and something back there would probably be
distracting and ruin the image. Selecting an angle with a darker
background would help. While many people love shallow depth of field
effect, it requires more than a little attention to shooting
technique. Even a perfect AF system will suffer if the distance is
short and the photographer is pulling backwards. A backward movement
of 1/2" during the time it takes the shutter to travel will give this
much error.

Thanks for your suggestions/feedback. Do you have any other tips for this scene or any other scenes?

Off camera flash fill and a smaller aperture is another answer but
making it look natural is a matter requiring practice.
Doug Smith

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'There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ' - Ansel Adams

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