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Re: Micro4/3 prosumer?

LaciX wrote:

Are you guys really believe that cameras with 4/3 (22.5x18 )sensor
size will be introduced as “prosumers” when the latest DSLR’s (50D
22,3x14.9, D90 23.6x15.8) has actually smaller sensor plate. But
almost identicle.
By the way, all current DSLR lenses could cower the 4/3-sensor area
To make the body lighter, just get rid of the penta prism and the
Have EVF instead, as a direct feedback from the sensor.

Don't undertsand what you're trying to say here -
1. Most people know that 4/3 sensor is a bit smaller than APS

2. Any number of lens could provide a sufficient image circle - but they wont focus because the M4/3 lens-to-sensor distance is smaller than any DSLR system on the market. You may well be able to use other brand lenses on an M4/3 body - but only with an adapter and without AF working.

3. The whole point of M4/3 is that it DOESN'T HAVE a MIRROR !!

Read the original announcement documents - it is based on viewing the rear LCD display or will have an electronic viewfinder like a Canon S5.

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