Best price for Millennium Coolpix 950?

Started Jun 7, 2000 | Discussions thread
Scott S. New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Best price for Millennium Coolpix 950? just had 7 in stock for $799 - $100 Nikon rebate for $699 and includes overnight delivery. Unfortunately as you can imagine, they went almost instantly. I called to confirm my order and was told it was "in the bag". Next day I found out I didn't get one. How disappointing. Keep looking, and let me know if you find anything.
Scott S.

twentieth wrote:


The lowest price I can find for the Millennium Coolpix, except for
http://www.theweb-shop ,
was around $1150, does anyone know of another ~$700 or so deal on the
package? TheWeb-Shop doesn't stock them, so it takes forever to get it,
if they
have any at all.


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