S100FS in-camera distortion correction

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Re: S100FS in-camera distortion correction

Kim Letkeman wrote:

If they were going to address
such strong barrel distortion, you'd think they'd take it out

It is not possible to take out barrel distortion completely without discarding part of the picture and so a camera cannot freely chose how much barrel distortion to correct.

I think that this camera corrects just the amount allowed by the pixels of its sensor.

You cannot correct barrel distortion without dumping pixels as you can experiment with any PP application; so I think that they choose to make only the correction that involves the use of new pixels and does not discard any.

This way they don't change the frame or, more exactly, the edges of the frame.

As you can clearly see in the test in this thread, in camera correction is possible only because there are some extra lines of pixels in the sensor that the camera can use to apply the correction.

Obviously, the number of extra pixel is limited and so is the possible correction.

We could imagine a system that corrects the image on the fly in order to show to you the corrected image in the LCD or EVF and let you frame accordingly; but this is only theory.

Not much point in what is shown there, since lines would
still be heavily bent ...

Anyhow I find that the correction is a good thing and is appreciable by a trained eye.

No barrel distortion would be better

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