Canon's market strategy looks smart to me

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Canon's market strategy looks smart to me

Many on this forum, me included, have been wondering what the heck Canon is up to in the market and whether they have lost the plot.

However with the 50d released and a spec and timing emerging for the 5D replacement(s) their actions are starting to make sense.

Here is how it looks to me:

At the low end they have the 1000d and 450d which look very solid competitors to anything else in the market at that price bracket.

Quickly bringing out the 50d with a really solid looking spec will make anyone looking at a D300 think twice, even though the 50d supposedly occupies a slightly lower market bracket than the D300. The 50d looks to be a simpler camera than the D300 without the plethora of features but possibly with advantages in resolution and IQ and the AF looks very solid. That is not a bad thing at all.

The real battle though will be in the full frame space and Canon looks to be holding back the 5D replacement to take the wind out of Nikon and Sony's sails when they announce their 20+ MP offerings. The 5D replacement looks like it will equal the Sony and Nikon high end models in all the important areas but at a lower price point.

This line of thought leads one to conclude that a lower MP cheaper 5D (call it 3D) is also inevitable to compete with the D700. If they are consistent, Canon will pitch the 3D at the D700 in the same way the 50d is pitched at the D300. It will beat or match it in the important areas, but be a lower priced, simpler more focussed offering. Again, not a bad thing given that bodies are not required to last a long time these days - they are almost disposable. Technological advances render them redundant long before they wear out.

The 1Ds line is then free to head into the 30+ MP territory where Canon's competitors do not yet play.

What is less clear is what Canon will do with the 1d line.

Anyway that is my take on it. Anyone else interested in market strategy? Would be interested in your take on it. But please do not grumble at me about speculation about the 5D replacement; this is not what this post is about.

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