D300 or 700 for Astrophotography

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Re: Get any new camera and then...
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Thanks for the idea. I actually thought about that but I think the high ISO noise issues of the D200 would still be a problem. I haven't read any positive reviews on the D200 with regards to astro pics.....I'm leaning towards just purchasing a canon 450D and getting it modified for astro and then just keeping the D200 for regular stuff.

I'm not crazy about having two different cameras to mess with (batteries, chargers, chords, etc) but it's the cheapest solution thus far. the 450D performs about as well as the 40D with regards to astro and it's lighter which is a plus. By modifiying it I can get the max out of the astro side and leave my Nikon alone for normal stuff...down the road I might still move up to a D700 (or what ever is the latest from Nikon) and who knows, maybe that camera will be able to do both equally well.....still reading though and not making any moves yet.

Thanks again.

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