50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: I hope you are kidding.

jagge wrote:

D Wallace wrote:

Thanks for everyone's input. I was about to buy a D90 since it has
22.2% more AF points but then I did some more math and realized the
50D has 25% more MP. 25 > 22.2 so that was all I need to know and I
preordered a 50D but it was very close (less then 3% difference)

Most experienced shooters will know that the difference between a 15 mp
and 12 mp sensor has no value at all.

Hmmm... 25% more resolultion and better low-light high ISO performance at the same time. No value at all... Hmmm. I bet you'd say there was value if a D400 came out with 18 MP and 1+ stop better low light performance at the same time.

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