Purists Hate "GIMMICKS"

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Re: Liveview, and you don't shoot macro?

Amen Joseph!

Don't you get tired of having to correct the ignorance of the totally
uninformed? If they would just read some of the past threads they
wouldn't be so quick to write such silly comments!

I do applaud your concise and informative responses time and time
again though.

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Ok. I am ignorant. I know nothing about photography. I have learned abolutely nothing in the past 25 years of making money using photographic equipment. Your opinion is superior to mine. You are absolutely correct. People like me have no business participating in this forum at all.

p.s. I think that you, or anyone else here, should immediately dispose of any of their old, useless, manual focus equipment (especially old meterless Leica rangefinders) by sending them to me. I think that old equipment is too much of a burden for all you intelligent folks who only use the latest and greatest, most technologically superior cameras. While you are at it, I will also accept donations of old manual focus Hassleblad cameras and Zeiss lenses. Live view is better, so act now and send me all those old obsolete cameras that never really took any worthwhile pictures in the past. What were those old timers thinking anyway?

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