50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Kabe Luna
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LOL. Come on...

...I've owned and used extensively every DXX/XXD Canon from the 10D through the 30D, including the 5D and Rebel XT (I used Canon since 1992), and not a single one of them can track a moving subject as well as Nikon's outgoing D200 and D80, which shares an AF module. And my D300 is better by a very large margin at tracking moving subjects than my old D80 and D200 were.

A good friend has recently gotten a 40D which he uses to shoot soccer and I must say I am very impressed what that camera can accomplish set to automatic selection, which is how he uses it: only eight out of more than 200 were misfocused. But this same guy borrowed my D300 and 80-200/2.8 AF-S prior to getting his 40D and out of nearly 200 shots, only three were misfocused. He really liked the D300's AF, but he's on a very tight budget and couldn't afford both the D300 and a decent lens, which is how he wound up with the 40D.

So, while the 40D seems a better action camera than its harbingers, I still have no reason to believe it's any better than the D300, nor any reason to think the 50D will be either. In fact, assuming two users familiar with each (this is particularly important for the Nikon which has very many AF options and configurations that will greatly impact its suitability for the subject matter at hand), the performance is likely to be roughly the same from each. To be sure, getting that performance out of the Canons is likely to be much easier: just set AI SERVO with all focus points active and go.

BTW, one area where the newer Canons are better, though, focus precision of peripheral static subjects using the outer AF sensors. There simply is no substitute in this instance for a sensitivity to both horizontal and vertical detail. What's more, the Canon's AF sensors are not as large as the 11-point Nikons, allowing more precise placement of the point of focus. Too-large AF zones for precision with static subject, coupled with a viewfinder not conducive to accurate manual focusing, are the very reasons I didn't stick with either the D200 or the D80.

SmokinMan wrote:
Correct...dont know what are those fanboy so proud of the 51 point AF
of the 300D. It is well known by now that the 51 point AF on the 300D
just look good on paper. No power to operate all the points. It is
crippled(they like to say about this to Canon)

D200 AF under performing too.

How the 9 point AF with Digic IV and the D200 AF on D90 performing?.
We will just have to wait until more people has a chance to own them.
Those reviewer will never give any comments on AF anyway.

Sal Baker wrote:

And the
D300 is painfully slow requiring users to select fewer points. The
50D will no doubt be noticably faster annd more accurate particularly
in low light.


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